Charlie and Bethany Duber love to watch and discuss movies. 

Movie Trailer Trash was created because Bethany and Charlie noticed that they could discuss a movie at length before they had even seen it, based solely on the trailer. They realized they are not the only ones who like to judge a movie by its trailer.

If you have ever leaned over to the person next to during the previews before a movie and said, “That looks terrible,” or “we HAVE to see that one,” then you know exactly what we are talking about. 

The hosts of this podcast don't hold back. If they're super excited about the movie they'll tell you all the reasons it looks awesome. If they think it looks bad, they're likely to mock lines from the trailer and laugh about how terribly written it is. Bethany and Charlie often compare the film to movies they’ve seen before, which helps give you a feel for the type of movie it will be. They will tell you if you should see this movie and how you should view it. Charlie might say, “If you are going to see this movie you have to see it in theater because what will be awesome about it is the special effects and fight scenes that won't be as good on a regular sized TV.” Bethany might say, “I could see myself watching this if I stumbled upon it on Comedy Central on a Saturday morning and I had nothing else to do.” Before the show is up they guess what rating it will get on rotten tomatoes from both the critics and the audience. 

If there is a new trailer out that you would like Movie Trailer Trash to discuss, send a tweet with the request to @mttpodcast.