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Superhero Siblings

Superhero Siblings

Recently Marvel Studios released a series of photos for each main character of the Black Panther movie. I learned from these posters that Black Panther has a sister. Letitia Wright is playing Shuri, sister to T'Challa (Black Panther). This got me thinking, most of the well-known superheroes are only children, including Superman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Bat Man and The Incredible Hulk. I'm excited to see the sibling relationship between T'Challa and Shuri. As we wait anxiously to see Black Panther, here is a list of superhero siblings for your enjoyment. 

Thor and Loki

- these brothers are my personal favorite! Thor was born of Identity and Loki was adopted as a baby. They were raised together and learned to fight together. They're relationship is rocky, due mostly to Loki's extreme jealousy of his brother and desire to rule over people. No matter what Loki does Thor cannot help but love his brother. He, like his father, sees Loki's potential for greatness of he would only choose to be more. 

The Flash and Iris West

- When Barry Allen's mom was killed and his father was charged with her murder, officer Joe West, took him in. Luckily for Barry, Joe's daughter, Iris West, was a friend of his. During the most difficult lonely time in Barry's life they made him family and loved him fiercely. Interestingly, Barry grows up to marry Iris. This might seem odd since she is technically his adopted sister, but they were friends before and he was 10 when he joined their family, so it's not all bad. 

Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver (the Maximoff twins)

- I am not a comic book reader, so my only experience with these two is the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. They have a different storyline due to the fact that Fox owns those character's original comic book characters. Wanda and Pietro have a tragic back story. When they were 10 years old a mortar shell hit their house, killing their parents and trapping them. In Age of Ultron the siblings tragic childhood leads them to be villains, trying to destroy the Avengers and most importantly, Tony Stark. The twins end up joining the Avengers to save their Homeland Sakovia. Pietro gives his life to save as many people as he can. Leaving his beloved twin sister alone in the world. She find a new home with the Avengers. 

The Human Torch and Invisible Woman (Sue and Jonny Storm)

- once again, my only knowledge of the Fantastic Four is what I've seen in a movie. I never saw the most recent Fantastic Four, but I did see the 2005 and 2007 movies staring Jessica Alba and Chris Evans. Their performances were so unforgettable to me that I didn't realize they were siblings until Charlie told men they were. 

Wolverine and Sabertooth (James Howlett and Victor Creed)

- These brothers have had a very traumatic life. As a child James sees a man kill his father, in his anger his mutation is revealed when sharp bones protrude from his hands and he kills the man. That man then reveals to him that he was his actual father. Victor and James, who have just learned that they are half brothers run away together. They spend a century fighting in American wars. Victor becomes more violent throughout each war. In Vietnam he tries to rape a woman, only to be stopped by a commanding officer who he proceeds to kill. James tried to intervene and protect his brother and they are both ordered to be killed by firing squad. When they survive the firing squad the military asks then to join a team of mutants. That is when James begins using the alias, Logan, in honor of his biologoical father's last name. Honestly just rereading the plot to this movie was confusing. I remember it all, but their backstory was so complicated and weird. However, no matter how bad that movie might have been, it was worth watching for the opening credits where they show them fighting in all of the wars. 

As you can see, of the famous superheroes, most are only children. But for those with siblings, they share a special bond. Three of the five sibling pairs listed above had devastating pasts. Thor and Loki were royalty in a beautiful kingdom with caring parents, do their lives were pretty nice. The Human Torch and invisible woman basically had friends with a spaceship and decided to go along for the ride ending up being bestowed with awesome abilities. Regardless of their life stories, these characters are given more complexity because of their relationships with their siblings. Though some of them were at odds, even still they fiercely loved one another. That's why no matter how many times Loki tricks his brother, his brother gives him another chance. Love is truly the greatest superpower of all. (Cue sappy 'awww' sounds). 



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