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TV show Christmas Episodes to get you in the holiday spirit.

TV show Christmas Episodes to get you in the holiday spirit.

This year, Netflix released it's first original Christmas movies. They're Hallmark channel style movies called A Christmas Prince and Christmas Inheritance. Unless you're someone who loves those cheesy Hallmark style holiday films, there isn't a lot of movie options on Netflix. There is How The Grinch Stole Christmas, but before you get excited, it's the live action one with Jim Carey. They also have The Santa Clause, While You Were Sleeping and White Christmas. All of which are fairly popular decent Christmas movies. But none of which, in my opinion are great holiday classics. (Wonderful Life, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story etc.) So, if you're in the holiday spirit and need something to watch, here are some Holiday episodes of excellent shows you can watch in Netflix instead. 

The Office

Season 2 episode 10

Season 3 episode 10

Season 5 episode 11

Season 6 episode 13

Season 7 episode 11 + 12

Season 8 episode 10

Season 9 episode 9


Sason 2 Episode 9

Season 3 Episode 10

Season 4 Episode 10

Season 5 Episode 10

Season 6  Episode 10

Season 7 Episode 10

Season 8 Episode 11

Season 9 Episode 10

Gilmore Girls

Season 1 Episode 10

Season 2 Episode 10

Season 3 Episode 10 (winter carnival)

Season 4 Episode 11

Season 5 Episode 11

Season 6 episode 12

Season 7 Episode 10 and 11

Parks and Recreation

Season 4 Episode 10

Girl Meets World

Season 1 Episode 16

Season 3 Episode 14


Season 7 Episode 13


There are so many shows on Netflix, I just picked some that I love. Since the best Christmas movies aren't on Netflix, check out some shows instead and get into the holiday spirit!  


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