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More than a few people have complained about the DC Extended Universe, and the way they have portrayed some of our favorite superheroes.

The last time there was a DC movie worth watching it was The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. I could spend a lot of time talking about why DC movies have sucked since the beginning of the Extended Universe began with Man of Steel, but what it all really comes down to is it isn’t any fun and the heros are not very heroic. This is so different when compared to the DC Television Universe. I was discussing how different television DC heroes were with my family recently. Talking about how the fun loving Flash runs around saving Central City and still finds time to go out with his friends and spend time with family. Then, I had a realization and everything started to make sense. I believe DC Extended Universe takes place on Earth Four. 


Now I know that I’m behind because the third season of The Flash is happening and I have only had access to see it on Netflix, but I know enough to have a pretty solid theory. We find out in Season 2 of The Flash that there is something called Earth Two, another Universe that is identical to earth. Not only is the planet the same, everyone has a doppelgänger on Earth Two. But just because they look like you, and have the same name as you, doesn’t mean they have the same life as you.

In The Flash we find out that earth two Barry Allen isn’t The Flash and he is married to his friend Iris. Joe never adopted Barry because his mom never died. Barry’s friends are different too. Katelyn is an evil metahuman called Frost and Sisco it an evil metahuman named Reverb. So clearly everyone’s doppelgängers have different lives. At the end of season two we also find out that there is an Earth Three and on that version of earth Barry’s dad, Henry Allan is The Flash. So we know that each earth has the same types of metahumans, but the particle accelerator on the different earths affected different people.

So let’s talk about DC Extended Universe and why I believe it takes place on Earth Four. We know that the guy who is playing The Flash in the Justice League movie is not the same Barry Allen as the DCEU. We also know he isn’t the same as the Earth Two speedster Zoom and he isn’t the same as Earth Three Henry Allan. So he must be from another earth that I’m calling Earth Four.

This is why Superman and Batman don’t act like the heroes we all know and love.

People have written a lot about why Zack Snyder’s Superman is NOT how Superman should act. Well, we know that on Earth Two Katelyn is an evil metahuman, but on Earth One she is a kind doctor who wants to make the world a better place. So, it is easily conceivable that Superman on Earth One would be the man who landed in Kansas as a baby and was raised by wonderful parents to be a good person who cares for and defends humanity. In the Christopher Reaves version of Superman, PA Kent tells him, “there’s one thing I do know, son, and that is you are here for a reason.” While the Superman on Earth Four has parents who don't teach him those things. In fact, Pa Kent cares so much more about hiding Clark's true identity than having Clark do great things. It's so important to him that he tells Clark to stay back and let him save their dog. This is when Clark watched as his father needlessly dies when he could have easily saved him.  

In Batman v Superman, Clark goes to visit Ma Kent and she tells him he owes humanity nothing. So it's no surprise that Superman on Earth Four is apathetic towards saving people. He carelessly destroys cities while fighting his enemies and he, in general, is dark and brooding and no fun at all.  

Batman on Earth One is a billionaire vigilante who wants to clean up his city because he is sick of all the needless violence. He has strong morals and refuses to kill. He makes friends with the police commissioner and hands the criminals over to the them. On Earth Four, Batman was so devastated by his parents death that he went crazy becoming a billionaire vigilante who brands the criminals he puts in jail so that everyone knows who put them there. He has no girlfriend or wife and his butler is a hipster rather than a father figure. Also, the only way to get through to him is apparently to just say the name of his mother. He spends a large majority of the movie Batman V Superman carelessly plowing his car into people’s faces, but no matter how much Superman tries to scold him into doing the right thing he can’t get through to him. But just say Martha and he snaps out of it and remembers he is supposed to save people.

The Superman I grew up with would fly around the world just to save one person, but this superman seems mostly concerned about destroying his enemies and of course occasionally he saves Lois Lane. Also, why does every scene with Clark Kent and Lois Lane feel like a super intense moment in a Nicholas Sparks movie? The Batman I grew up with believed that there is good in most people. He never gave up on trying to get through to Harvey Dent. He was trained by ninjas and because of that he knew how to stay calm and keep his wits about him. He went to Alfred for wisdom and advice because he respected his opinion. But this Batman is cynical and seems to have very little regard for human life. Also his Alfred is more of a crime fighting assistant and less of a trusted confidant.  

Look, as I said, I can go on and on about things I don’t like about the DCEU. But the thing that makes me feel better about it is this idea that maybe the reason these “superheroes” are so dark and heartless is because they aren’t the superheroes we all know and love, they’re from a entirely different earth.

I can only hope that the Wonder Woman movie is different. The fact that the screenplay was not written by Zack Snyder and he is not directing it are two really good signs. I’d love to see that movie be the exception to the rule when it comes to the DCEU.  

I’d love to see a DC movie that is fun again. One that is well written and includes some comedic relief every now and again. The thing that disappoints me the most is that I know all of those actors are better than they appear in these movies. The casting choices were great, but Zack Snyder’s writing and directing don’t allow these actors to really show any range. Maybe Wonder Woman is different from the other Earth Four heroes because she was raised on Themyscira. We know that there is a temple on the island that protects a portal to a type of hell. Perhaps there are other portals on Themyscira as well, which means Wonder Woman could be from any of the Earths. This would be a great way for them to break the cycle of bad movies. Have a second Wonder Woman movie where she goes through a portal to Earth One, then proceed to do all the subsequent movies there.