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Worst Movies of 2017

Worst Movies of 2017

2017 was an incredible year for movies. It brought us Get Out, The Big Sick, Wonder Woman, War for the Planet of the Apes, Wind River and much more. Not just great superhero movies, but great movies across many genres. However, not every movie was up to snuff. Here's a list of the worst movies of the year... Enjoy!



I can personally say this is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I don’t like scary movies and I was dragged to see this. I was tightly clinging to my husbands arm for about 30 minutes before I finally realized it wasn’t a scary movie. It was actually just a weird and boring movie. It had so much obvious symbolism shoved into it with seemingly no real point. It finally seemed to come to an end and I thought, “eh it was boring but it wasn’t awful,” then it went on for another half hour... and proved me wrong. Taking stories as famous as the ones from the bible and just shoving as many of them as possible into one movie doesn’t make you a good artist. You have to have some sort of commentary on it all, some sort of statement. This movie was painful to sit through. The last 30 minutes felt like a high school drama student was writing it to try and be deep.


The Justice League


I’ve said many times on our podcast, Zach Snyder ruined DC. He took these lovable moral characters and turned them into boring and self centered characters.however, like Charlie says, if Zach turned Batman and Superman into killers, but the movie was freaking awesome, we’d be cool with it. He just changed the characters and then made awful movies too. Throw in some terrible CGI action sequences and there’s a Snyder Superhero movie.  I hope Warner Brothers learns from their many mistakes and starts looking toward directors like Patty Jenkins for more than just Wonder Woman movies. She brought the light heartedness and fun back into DC, while still including an interesting plot and kickass action seaquences. Will this be the movie that finally forces Warner Bros to do better? I hope so, but I doubt it.


The Emoji Movie


The most agreed upon sin of this movie is that it was a giant ad for apps. The branding was obnoxious and the humor was lacking. People also complained that it didn’t even seem like the movie was trying most of the time. It was just a cash grab and it made for a really terrible movie going experience. 


Father Figures


Some critic opinions on this include that it seemed “transparently desperate”, it had no comic pacing, a comedy that forgot that it should make you laugh and so on. Audience reviews said things like, “you’ll have more fun feeding your money into a paper shredder,” and “I am struggling to understand how this movie exists.” Sounds like it missed the mark on comedy and missed the mark on being a tale of brotherly love. We did an episode on this movie a long time ago and back then it was titled Bastards, so it clearly struggled to even make it to theater and maybe they should have given up on it before it got there. 


Pitch Perfect 3


Seems like the consensus on this one is that it was a sequel that nobody was asking for. It had a bad plot with a terrible B story. Basically it suffers from the thing that all comedy sequels suffer from. The same jokes don’t get any better when told in different ways in multiple movies. We saw this with the Hangover and Horrible Bosses.




It’s not often we see movies that get single digit scores on Rotten Tomatoes, but this one accomplished that! It sounds like the biggest issue the critics and the fans had with the movie was that it was boring and the story wasn’t interesting. A lot of people mentioned that it was a bad remake of a movie that wasn’t great in the first place.




I really wanted this movie to be fun. I was hoping for something like 21 Jump Street, a silly movie inspired by an old TV show. Well they apparently didn't accomplish that. Critics said the jokes were predictable and overly vulgar for no reason. They also said that it looked like a movie made by a bunch of people who didn't care. Audience viewers said it wasn't funny and that the special effects and story were terrible. 

Well there you have it folks. The worst movies of 2017 according to me, Bethany, co-host of Movie Trailer Trash. With a little help from rotten tomatoes reviews. what movies did you hate this year? Tweet @mttpodcast and let us know! 

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