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100 Episodes and Counting

100 Episodes and Counting

Since we started our podcast two years ago we’ve recorded 100 episodes! That’s a lot of movie talk. In celebration of this milestone I decided to look back through the archives to see how many movies we actually saw. Turns out we saw a lot of them, 37 to be exact.

Charlie Duber (Co-host of MTT)

Charlie Duber (Co-host of MTT)

Bethany Duber (Co-host of MTT)

Bethany Duber (Co-host of MTT)

In each episode we tell you if we plan on seeing the movies. This list below will name each movie we saw in reverse episode order. Starting with Love, Simon, which we talked about in Episode 93 and all the way down to The Jungle Book, which we discussed in Episode 1. Charlie and I have gone through and given a thumbs up and thumbs down rating to each of them. My ratings are first and Charlie’s are second.

  1. Love, Simon (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  2. A Quiet Place (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  4. Mother (Thumbs Down), (Thumbs Down)

  5. The Foreigner (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  6. Ingrid Goes West (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  7. Okja (Thumbs Down), (Thumbs Up)

  8. Wind River (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  9. Black Panther (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  10. The Big Sick (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  11. Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  12. Thor Ragnarok (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  13. Colossal (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  14. Baby Driver  (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  15. Bright (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  16. Split (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  17. The Circle (Thumbs Down), (Thumbs Down)

  18. Spider-Man: Homecoming (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  19. Get Out (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  20. Logan (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  21. Arrival (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  22. Wonder Woman (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  23. Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  24. The Little Prince  (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  25. Rogue One (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  26. Swiss Army Man (Thumbs Down), (Thumbs Up)

  27. Dr. Strange (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  28. Finding Dory (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  29. Captain America: Civil War (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  30. Ghostbusters (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up-ish)

  31. Zootopia (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  32. Star Trek: Beyond (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  33. 10 Cloverfield Lane (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  34. Hail, Caesar! (Thumbs Down), (Thumbs Down)

  35. Neighbors 2 (Thumbs Up), (Thumbs Up)

  36. Batman V Superman (Thumbs Down), (Thumbs Down)

  37. The Jungle Book (Thumbs Down), (Thumbs Up-ish)

I hope this list inspires you to rent a few of the movies you’ve missed over the last two years. Movies come and go so quickly, it can be easy to forget about them when they leave theater. I encourage you to watch the movies with a friend because movies are more fun when you have someone to talk/argue with about them.

After 100 episodes I can truly say we still LOVE what we do at Movie Trailer Trash. It wouldn’t be possible without listeners like you! Rate and review us on iTunes to help others find our podcast and don’t forget to tell your friends about us. Here’s to two years of movie trailers and many many more to come.

At times our movie discussions get heated, but it's always in good fun. 

At times our movie discussions get heated, but it's always in good fun.