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10 Movies with Strong Female Characters

10 Movies with Strong Female Characters

As International Women’s Day approaches, I’ve been reflecting on the portrayal of women in movies. Women so often take on the role of supporting characters and I wanted to take a moment to highlight some great movies with strong female characters. These 10 movies show women as complex, multi dimensional, strong, smart and flawed. While so many times women in movies are defined by the men around them, these women made a name for themselves. Without further ado here are those 10 movies. (Plot Spoilers ahead)  

Black Panther


In this movie three strong women save their country from an outsider who has come to change their entire way of life. One is an engineer and creates powerful weapons, another is a spy who finds a safe place for the queen and princess and creates a plan to overthrow the new evil king and the third is the leader of the Dora Milaje, a group of female special forces warriors. Together they restore order to their home and save the true king.

Hunger Games


In this movie a teenage girl volunteers to fight in a battle to the death in order to spare her sister's life from the same fate. During the battle she survives until the end and tricks the evil Capital into changing its rules, therefore saving the life of her friend.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2


In this movie a woman wakes up from a Coma and seeks revenge on the people who put her there. One by one she hunts down and kills the men and women who killed her baby and nearly killed her.

Hidden Figures


In this movie three highly intelligent women of color work as computers for NASA in 1961. Each of them overcomes racism and sexism to become leaders in their field and help put John Glenn into space.



In this movie a teenage girl finds out she is pregnant she then has to make an incredibly difficult decision. She decides to give the baby up for adoption and finds a good family for it to go to.



In this movie a woman fights aliens and is a badass while doing it.



In this movie a woman in captivity creates a whole world for her son in one tiny room. She bravely plans an escape that forces her to let go of her son in hopes that he can have a better life.  



In this movie a teenage girl lives with a mentally abusive mother. She discovers she has telekinetic abilities and uses them to escape her bad home life. After being bullied in front of her entire school she goes mad with rage and kills everyone, then returns home to kill her mom.

The Others


In this movie a woman who lost her husband in the war works tirelessly to protect her sick children who are allergic to sun. When the children start to see “others” she is forced to acknowledge the truth, that they are all dead because she killed them.

Wind River


In this movie a female FBI agent is sent to investigate a murder that took place on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. Unfamiliar with the harsh weather and vast landscape she an animal tracker to help her solve this mystery. She survives being maced in the face and shot in the chest and manages to take down a bunch of really bad people along the way. If you haven’t seen this one yet, don’t wait, I left it pretty spoiler free because it just came out last year.



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